Armstrong Optical Ltd believes that protection of the environment is an integral part of good institutional practice and that the company has a duty to satisfy itself that all of its operations are conducted with proper regard for the environment. It is committed to maintaining, and wherever possible, improving the quality of this environment both for the people who work in the company, and for the wider community now and in the future. Armstrong Optical seeks to make the most effective and efficient use of all resources, encouraging all employees to develop an ecologically sound approach to their work.



  • Reduce consumption and costs whilst satisfying the company’s needs for energy and water.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the company through better management of its material resources.
  • Integrating environmental and sustainable principles into the company’s operational procedures and promoting best practice at every level.
  • Continually improve environmental performance wherever practicable.




  • Maintain an environmental management structure within the company.
  • Publish and regularly review an environmental policy.
  • Review environmental management procedures on a regular basis.
  • Avoid the unnecessary use of environmentally damaging substances and processes.


Legislative compliance

  • Achieve and if possible over-achieve the requirements of all relevant legislation.


Energy, Water & Waste Management

  • Maintain and develop energy & environmental monitoring & targeting systems.
  • Identify and implement cost effective energy & water conservation measures.
  • Conduct regular environmental site audits (both waste and energy/water).
  • Reduce the amount of waste generated & disposed of by implementing waste minimization & recycling programs.


Environmental Procurement

  • Discuss a purchasing policy with suppliers to encourage them to use manufacturing and shipping procedures which cause least harm to the environment.


Built Environment

  •  Maintain an environmentally sound garden and grounds management policy.
  •  Develop policies relating to internal building pollutants.



  • Encourage modes of transport, which minimize environmental impact.



  •  Actively seek to maintain all noise within national guidelines & to reduce levels, as far as is practical, to a minimum.


Education and Awareness

  •  Increase awareness of environmental responsibilities amongst employees, encourage good housekeeping
  • measures and provide training where necessary.
  •  Build partnerships with local community and national organizations to progress environmental principles.
  •  Identify and promote initiatives for inclusion of sustainability principles within company development.



  •  To reduce carbon dioxide emissions per square meter by TBD
  •  To reduce water consumption per square meter by TBD
  •  To reduce waste per FTE equivalent (staff & student) going to landfill by TBD


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