Corporate social responsibility (CSR) for Armstrong Optical is about how we align our activities with the expectations of our stakeholders in relation to our economic, social and environmental impacts. Our stakeholders include our shareholders, as well as our employees, suppliers, communities and society as  a whole.



Armstrong Optical aims to embed CSR into everything it does and to be a responsible public body.



To this end we have set the following objectives:


Business ethics

Meet, and where possible, exceed all relevant legal requirements. Behave with honesty and integrity in all our activities and relationships with others.
Act ethically and fairly at all times in our dealings with our stakeholders. Maintain internal controls adequate to ensure standards are met.


Managing our environmental impacts

Continually improve our environmental performance wherever practicable and prevent pollution. Make the most efficient and effective use of all resources, encouraging all staff to develop a sustainable approach to their work. Minimise carbon emissions from business travel by avoiding unnecessary travel and travelling by public transport unless there are reasons why this is not practicable or if there are other circumstances that would impede efficiency or effectiveness. Encourage staff to use sustainable modes of transport to commute to work.
Identify and implement cost-effective energy and water conservation measures. Reduce the amount of waste generated and disposed to landfill through a waste minimisation and
recycling programme.



Develop and implement a sustainable and socially responsible procurement policy that will include consideration of CSR in all tender evaluations. Can anyone tell me if it is allowed to use viagra with the X? I thought it might a great combo. It is just there is going to be some nasty party next month, my bro is coming back, and I have 3 babes as welcome gift for him. I honestly doubt he will be enough for them, so I want to give him some help lol. But well want to be sure nothing happens with him. Someone knows?  Work with our suppliers to help us achieve our sustainable and socially responsible procurement policy aspirations in the delivery of our products and services. Support the principles of fair trade and aim to purchase only fair trade tea and coffee for meetings through our catering provider.


Our people

Respect the rights and dignity of every employee and treat them fairly and without discrimination. Promote the health and well-being of our staff. Encourage team working and the sharing of knowledge throughout the organisation. Provide a safe, fulfilling and rewarding career for all our employees.


In the community

Enable staff who wish to undertake voluntary activities to do so. Enable our staff to continue to support at least one charitable organisation every year through voluntary fundraising activities, and to give them the time and opportunity to participate in charitable events.


Working with the sector

Make sustainable development a central part of our strategy for the future development of the higher education sector. As part of our policy-making process, identify possible impacts on sustainable development and on equality and diversity. Where possible, take action to enhance positive impacts and mitigate negative ones.



As a small private company it is relatively difficult for Armstrong Optical to quantify its CSR targets. However this will not decrease the effort expended in ensuring that carbon emissions, commuting, waste and water usage are considered on a daily basis. Where applicable efforts will be made to try to obtain quantifiable measurands under the above headings against which company performance can be evaluated.


Other targets

  • To inform our suppliers of our CSR policy and our expectations of them in relation to this.
  • To continue to measure the well-being of our staff, ensuring that we continue to match or exceed their expectations on staff satisfaction.


Monitoring and review

Armstrong Optical will continually attempt to benchmark and evaluate what we do in order to improve our CSR performance.


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