µPhase® Interferometers

μPhase® Interferometer measures the quality of spherical, aspherical and flat optics. It is compact and modular and measures optics and surfaces with reflectivities from 0.3% to 100%. The interferometer has a second camera for the sample alignment, and Fizeau, and Twyman-Green modes with phase shifting in one instrument.


PrismMaster® Precision Goniometer

PrismMaster® is the most accurate automatic goniometer featuring ultra-accurate angle measurements of prisms, polygons and other plano optics with accuracies higher than 0.2 arcsec.


TriAngle® Precision Electronic Autocollimator 

The TriAngle® electronic autocollimator series from TRIOPTICS provides angle, wedge and straightness measurements for precision alignment tasks with excellent accuracy and speed. TriAngle® 3D enables the simultaneous measurement of all three angles.



The OptiCentric® family comprises tools for precise and fully automatic alignment, cementing, bonding, and assembly of lenses and optical systems. It includes the measurement of multi-lens objectives in mounted condition, air gap distance and lens center thickness, as well as the individual centering error of spherical and aspherical lenses and the tilt of aspherical lenses. OptiCentric® instruments can measure virtually all sizes of lenses from millimeter to meter range.


OptiSpheric® and OptiSpheric® IOL

The industry’s standard for integrated optical testing. It provides fast and reliable test results of almost all the relevant optical parameters, i.e. effective focal length (EFL), modulation transfer function (MTF), back focal length (BFL), radius of curvature (ROC) and flange focal length (FFL). Extension modules include multi-wavelength and intraocular lens (IOL) testing.


Trioptics OptiSurf®

OptiSurf® is the ideal tool for non-contact centre thickness and air gap measurement within single lenses, planar optics and optical systems. The instrument is based on low coherent interferometry and measures all distances in an optical system with an accuracy of 1 μm in one scan. OptiSurf® is outstanding in compactness and ease of use as it incorporates all measurement and alignment components in a single system.



The most comprehensive line of MTF equipment for complete characterization of lenses and optical systems. It covers the complete spectral range from UV to VIS to IR. ImageMaster® instruments provide the flexibility required for R&D, their ultra fast operation make them ideal for production testing, and due to their high accuracy they have become world leading in mobile phone lens testing.


Autocollimators and Visual Optical Instruments

TROPTICS manufacture a comprehensive and modular range of optical test equipment including Collimators, Telescopes, Autocollimators, Reticles and Eyepieces, Achromats and other Accessories. 



The TRIOPTICS Spherometers are on use in hundreds of optical companies and laboratories worldwide. Spherometers have become an industry standard for ultra-accurate radius measurement and calibration of test glasses. The long term accuracy and automated features make our spherometers the preferred instruments for laboratory and production environments.


Alignment Turning Stations

TRIOPTICS Alignment Turning Stations with with fully integrated measurement technology for the high-precision manufacturing of mounted lenses. 


Wavefront Sensors

The Shack-Hartmann sensor developed by TRIOPTICS provides real time wavefront measurement and analysis of spherical and aspherical optics.


ProCam® and CamTest

Modular solution for active alignment of optic and sensor, final test of camera modules.


Phase/Static fringe analysis kits for older interferometers

We are able to offer software upgrade kits to allow users of older interferometers to have powerful and flexible fringe analysis options. These could be old Zygo, Wyko or Specac systems or home made instruments – please ask about upgrade possibilities.

For more information on TRIOPTICS Instrumentation contact Armstrong Optical or visit the TRIOPTICS website