The µPhase® Vertical Pro from Trioptics is a compact and automated stand, enabling measurement and radii of multiple samples in one cycle.


uPhase Vertical Interferometer


Key Features

  • Measurement of spherical, toric and aspheric lenses and molds of glass, plastic or metal 
  • Highest accuracy for sample radii up to 60mm
  • Tray holder for the fuller automated measurement of 20 to 30 samples in one batch, depending on measurement setup
  • Layout of the sample holder is freely configurable and can be changed in a short time
  • Most suitable for contact lens and mold measurements


Technical Data

  • Travel ranges x/y/z : 200/100/50mm
  • Positioning accuracy:
    • z axis: <0,5µm
    • x/y axis: <3µm
  • Short setup time
  • Travel speed >10mm/s
  • Measurement accuracy for shapes typically λ/20 (λ = 633nm)
  • Radius accuracy ±0,1um
  • Table-top device with vibration reducing granite base


For your demonstration please contact Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE