Trioptics is the leading manufacturer of optical test equipment for research and production. This includes instruments to measure optical centration, lens thickness, precise angles, straightness, surface form, MTF and other optical parameters including alignment for wavelengths from the UV to the IR. In addition they manufacture precision electronic autocollimators for a range of applications and complete high performance systems for accurate turning of optical components and housings. Every step of the optical manufacturing process is covered including camera and electronics integration.


µPhase® Interferometers

Interferometer for measurements of the surface and wavefront deformation


WaveSensor® & WaveMaster®

Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors


TriAngle® Precision Electronic Autocollimator 

Electronic autocollimator for precise optical angle measurement



Goniometer for high-precision optical angle measurements



Goniometer-Spectrometer for determination of the refractive index



Visual optical measurement instruments



High-precision centration test devices, alignment, cementing and bonding systems



The standard for comprehensive testing of optomechanical parameters of lenses



Fast and efficient radius measurement of lenses


OptiSurf® Centre Thickness and Air Gap Measurement

High-precision measurement of center thicknesses and air gaps


OptiSurf® LTM Lens Centre Thickness Measurement

High precision center thickness and sag value measurement of single lenses and doublets


ATS – Alignment Turning Station

High-precision centering, alignment and machining of mounted lenses and lens groups


ImageMaster® HR/Universal

Image quality testing for small and large lenses


ImageMaster® PRO

Image quality and MTF tester for large series production


ImageMaster® VR/AR

Measurement Systems for Virtual and Augmented Reality Optics


ImageMaster® Customized

Image quality testing for application-oriented solutions



Active alignment, assembly and testing of camera modules and LiDAR systems



Complete performance testing of camera modules


Phase/Static fringe analysis kits for older interferometers

We are able to offer software upgrade kits to allow users of older interferometers to have powerful and flexible fringe analysis options. According to the specialists from the website ,elderly people are more sensitive to such effects. Besides, cognitive disorders can persist for six months after the discontinuation of Valium; it is unclear whether these disorders reduce after six months of treatment or are permanent. Benzodiazepines can also cause or exacerbate depression. These could be old Zygo, Wyko or Specac systems or home made instruments – please ask about upgrade possibilities.

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