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Trioptics Instrumentation

Trioptics is the leading manufacturer of optical test equipment for research and production. This includes instruments to measure optical centration, lens thickness, precise angles, straightness, surface form, MTF and other optical parameters including alignment for wavelengths from the UV to the IR. In addition they manufacture precision electronic autocollimators for a range of applications and complete high performance systems for accurate turning of optical components and housings. Every step of the optical manufacturing process is covered including camera and electronics integration.


Sios – Laser Metrology

SIOS GmbH is world renowned for the development and manufacture of laser based interferometric precision metrological instrumentation. Their systems range from standalone measurement devices to complete measuring stations for measuring displacement, angles, weights, forces, pressures and vibration.

Precitec Logo
Precitec – 3D Distance, Thickness and Shape

Precitec Optronik is the specialist for laser material processing and optical measuring technology. The wide range of CHRocodile sensors utilise several distinct techniques to perform high speed distance and thickness measurements. Chromatic confocal and interferometric methods are used to measure nearly all surfaces. Various white and infrared light sources are available to extend the ranges of materials that they can measure.

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Optical Perspective Group

Optical Perspectives Group specialises in low-cost, easy to use and accurate instruments for aligning and centering optics and optical systems.

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Neoark Infared Laser

NEOARK Corporation manufactures and supplies infrared He-Ne lasers at 3.39 um, generally used for interferometry.

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Optical Metrology Instrumentation

Armstrong Optical provides low cost interferometer systems; visual/phase-shifting, as well as custom-made stands.

Davidson Optronics

Davidson Optronics provide Scratch & Dig Samples, enabling inspection and characterizing surface quality of finished optical components such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, reticles, windows and wedges.

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