The PrismMaster® series is the world´s most accurate and versatile automated prism and polygon metrology system available on the market. PrismMaster® instruments achieve a measurement accuracy better than 0.2 arc seconds within seconds and thanks to its accuracy and reliability results can be achieved in a single measurement run. There is no need for time consuming multiple measurements and data averaging.


General Advantages of the PrismMaster® series 
  • Outstanding accuracy is achieved with a single measurement.
    • No need for time consuming multiple measurements.
    • No need for a precise sample alignment. The actual prism orientation is analysed and taken into account by the software
  • Pyramidal errors are measured quickly and accurately without laborious adjustment of the prism.
  • The combination of sample tilt correction by software and mechanical tilt table offers the utmost flexibility for a large variety of samples.

When analysing the market development for optical prism angle measurements over the recent years, it becomes clear why the TRIOPTICS PrismMaster® series and the modern product concept behind it are such an overwhelming success: The PrismMaster® series is the first of its class worldwide and PrismMaster® has become the synonym for precision prism goniometers.


The TRIOPTICS PrismMaster® series:

PrismMaster® 300 HR

With an accuracy of 0.25 arcseconds the PrismMaster® 300 HR remains the world's most accurate prism angle measurement device.


PrismMaster® 300

The PrismMaster® 300 is a high precision and versatile automatic goniometer for angular measurements of prisms, polygons and wedges.


PrismMaster® 150 HR

Ideal for optical workshops as well as receipt and final inspection in a production environment.


PrismMaster® 150 MAN

Manual compact geniometer for Angular Measurements of Prisms, Polygons and Wedges.


PrismMaster® 300 HR MAX

Fully automated, ultra precision prism goniometer for large samples


PrismMaster® Comparison Goniometer

The PrismMaster Comparison Goniometer is ideal for precise angular measurement of prisms and other plano optical components in production environment. 


PrismMaster® Flex

The PrismMaster® Flex is a highly flexible goniometer for optics manufacturing. 


SpectoMaster® HR Universal

The fully automated SpectoMaster® HR Universal is the most accurate refractive index measurement system currently on the market. It has a maximm wavelength range of 195-12000 nm. 


SpectroMaster® HR Compact

The SpectroMaster® HR Compact is a manual spectometer using refractive optics.  It is limited to a maximum wavelength range of 365-1014 nm.


Applications include:
  • Angles of polygons and prisms
  • Surface tilt errors of prism and polygons
  • Wedge errors, parallelism of optical windows
  • Deflection angle measured in transmission
  • Index of refraction of optical glasses
  • Angles of microprisms
  • Pyramidal errors
  • Angular gauge blocks

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Additional Information:
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