The SIOS GmbH LM-Series laser interferometric gauging probes are precision gauging probes; the first of their kind to allow contact length measurements over ranges of 20 mm to 50 mm with nanometer precision.


The standard 8h6-mm diameter probe shaft and compact gauging probe head allow the gauge to be easily inserted into conventional length measurement systems. The integrated miniature interferometer converts displacements of the motor driven probe shaft into optical interference signals that are transmitted via a fibre optic cable to an optoelectronic signal processing /power supply unit for processing and output as length.


A SIOS frequency stabilised HeNe Laser, serves as the light source for the interferometer within the gauging probe, sensor within the head provide data for the correction of laser wavelength to allow for environmental influences to be considered. Instrument operation and display of measurement results are controlled via a PC running the software package supplied.


LM Series

  • Laser interferometric precision probe
  • Excellent linearity and constant measuring force in the entire measuring range
  • Traceability to government standards


  • Precision length measurement sensor
  • Especially suitable for gauge calibration
  • Calibration of measuring pins, gauges , scales, gauges and other measuring standards
  • Precision thickness measurement through the use of two probes, z. B. lens thickness and wafer thickness measurement
  • Film thickness measurement


Technical specifications:
  • Measuring range: 20 mm, 50 mm
  • Resolution: 0.1 nm
  • Linearity over the entire measuring range: ≤ ± 2 nm
  • Measuring force, fixed from factory: 0.5 ... 1.5 N


Additional Information


Laser Gauging Probe Series LM SIOS Wafer Measurment Thickness

Applications in wafer thickness measurement


LM-Series Data Sheet


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