Laser interferometer Model SP 2000 DI 

Highly stable laser interferometer with two parallel measuring beams for a wide variety of applications in the field of science and for industrial use. Due to differential measurement a remarkable stability for long-term usage and a compensation of the influences of air can be achieved.



  • Beam distance 21 mm (other options for beam distances on request)
  • Temperature sensitivity < 20 nm / K
  • OEM version of the device for the integration as encoder in machine axes is possible


  • Differential length and angle measurement with the highest accuracy, e. g. positioning systems for long-term material investigations and dilatometry
  • Angles and tilts are measured with the greatest accuracy by calibrating the beam distance
  • Optional vacuum-compatible designs
Techincal Data:
  • Measurement range: ≤ 2 m
  • Resolution: 20 pm
  • Beam distance (standard): 21 mm
  • Angular measurement range: ±1.5 arcmin
  • Angular resolution: 0.001 arcsec
Additional Information
Developments in Homodyne Interferometry
Double-beam Plane-Mirror Interferometer SP-DS Series Data Sheet


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