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IRIS 4 Series Infrared Interferometer

The IRIS 4 Series Interferometer Range is the successful conclusion of drawing upon the experience and expertise within Gryphon OptiSys, which spans over three decades, in the design and supply of Infrared Interferometers. The design has evolved during extensive hands-on experience of IR interferometry. This includes the practical measurement of wavefront aberration of thermal imaging lens and mirror systems, optical homogeneity of IR materials and flatness of optical surfaces


The IRIS 4 Series Interferometer Range is part of a family of Laser Interferometers designed for convenience, portability and ease of use, which is operating in the MWIR waveband. The system is a Twyman Green interferometer utilizing an internally mounted and pre-aligned water-cooled stabilized Class 3b Quantum Cascade Laser. The operating centre wavelength of the laser is selected by the End-User, with a tuning range of ±100mm. An internal co-linear HeNe laser (visible) is incorporated to facilitate alignment of the external optics under test.


The IRIS 4 Series Interferometer System, a Twyman Green interferometer, utilises both the QCL power and an internal uncooled MWIR focal plane array 640 x 480 pixel camera to perform interferometric analysis against test sample reflectivity of 4% to 100%. The camera is controlled via a laptop and pre-installed wavefront analysis software by TRIOPTICS (mShape). The camera’s live fringe image is displayed via the laptop’s monitor and an independent large flat screen digital monitor. The system enables an image of the pupil of the optical system under test to be brought into focus from any image plane up to one metre distant. This can zoom out greater than x4 the image to optimise the monitor display and ensure efficient fringe capture.


All internal operations are either factory set and fixed, or easily adjusted, including the internal MWIR laser alignment, zoom and focusing motions. Complete enclosure is achieved except for the output aperture. No internal day-to-day manual adjustments are necessary, thus obviating the need for access apertures in the instrument case.


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IRIS 4 Series Infrared Interferometer


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