CHRocodile 2 DPS


The chromatic confocal sensor CHRocodile 2 DPS is equipped with two independent measuring channels, which allow simultaneous measurements at full measuring rate. The embedded processor of the sensor receives the respective data, synchronises it and outputs corresponding thickness or step height values ​​directly. This makes the CHRocodile 2 DPS the ideal device for double-sided thickness measurement of non-transparent or very thick materials that can no longer be measured with just one measuring head. In addition, the CHRocodile 2 DPS is a cost-effective measuring system, replacing two single-sensor systems.

Precitec CHRocodile 2 DPS


  • Replaces and combines two individual sensors
  • Two-sided thickness and step height measurements
  • Measuring rate per channel up to 10 kHz
  • Auto-adapt light function
  • Compatible with all chromatic confocal probes


Technical Data

  • Measurements/second: 32 – 10000 per channel
  • Interface: Ethernet, RS-422
  • 3 x 10-6 x upper measuring range limit
  • Repeatability: 9 x 10-5 x upper measuring range limit
  • Synchronization with external devices: trigger input, synchronizing output, 5 encoder inputs


CHRocodile C

The ultra-compact CHRocodile C sensor combines opto-electronics and optical measuring head in a compact system housing and enables highly accurate distance and thickness measurements.

CHRocodile C is ideal for in-process inspections and is easy to integrate into in-line inspection machines.

The exceptionally high dynamics and excellent signal-to-noise ratio make the CHRocodile C optical sensor the first choice as a measuring instrument for all materials.

With its compact design and excellent value for money, the CHRocodile C is the ideal alternative to traditional laser triangulation sensors.

Precitec CHRocodile CArmstrong Optical Custom Made Stand for CHRocodile C

The image on the right shows the CHRocodile C on a custom stand from Armstrong Optical, measuring the thickness of a glass wafer.



  • ultra compact system enclosure  the size of a cigarette package
  • distance and topography
  • suitable for all surfaces
  • interchangeable optical probes
  • easy to integrate
  • excellent performance/price ratio
  • maintenance free and robust


Technical Data

  • measurements/second: up to 4000
  • light source: LED
  • chromatic measuring range: 200 µm – 10 mm, depends on optical probe
  • interface: Ethernet, RS422, RS232, via extension box: 2 x analog output
  • synchronization with external devices: trigger input, synchronizing output, via extension box: 3 encoder inputs
  • dimension (l x w x h): 99 mm x 65 mm x 47 mm (without probe)
  • weight: 400 g


CHRocodile 2 S / 2 SE

The new generation of proven CHRocodile sensors offers an unsurpassed high speed of 66000 measurements / second. The optical sensors work with white light and are perfect for the non-contact detection of topography and layer thickness.

The exceptionally high dynamics and the excellent signal-to-noise ratio ensure the best measuring results, even on surfaces with different reflections. The sensors can be switched from chromatic-confocal to interferometric measurement technology.

Universally applicable in quality assurance and production.

Precitec CHRocodile 2 S / 2 SE



  • high measuring speed
  • large graphic display
  • distance and topography
  • wide thickness measuring range
  • measurements on all surfaces
  • inline and offline
  • simple to integrate
  • maintenance free and robust
  • noncontact measurement


Technical Data

  • measurements / second: CHRocodile 2 SE: 66000; CHRocodile 2 S: 20000
  • interferometric measuring range: 3 µm – 180 µm;
  • chromatic measuring range: depends on used optical probe
  • resolution: 3 x 10-6 x upper measuring range limit 
  • repeatability: 9 x 10-5 x upper measuring range limit
  • synchronization with external devices: trigger input, synchronizing output, 5 encoder inputs


Additional Information

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