Flying Spot Scanner


The optical probe enables high-speed OCT imaging for thickness and topography with CHRocodile 2 IT sensors. Its cutting edge technology for in-line and offline quality assurance and 3D measurements can be used for different kinds of materials and surfaces.

The “Flying Spot Wizard” software enables you to set up your application easily: Simply define your own measurement procedure by creating a list of measurement areas. The stand-alone optical sensor CHRocodile 2 IT stores the customized procedure and autonomously controls the probe. Finally, the software visualises the results and statistics.


Flying Spot Scanner Precitec


  • High-speed area inspection for offline and inline quality control
  • Simple ROI inspection with definable scan shapes and filters 
  • Telecentric imaging for best results on reflective surfaces
  • Simple to integrate and robust
  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Pilot laser

Technical Details

  • measurements / second: up to 70,000 
  • measuring range: depends on used CHRocodile 2 IT sensor
  • working distance: 200 mm 
  • scan area (diameter):  80 mm



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