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The wide range of CHRocodile sensors from Precitec utilize several distinct techniques to perform high speed distance and thickness measurements. Chromatic confocal and interferometric methods are used to measure on nearly all surfaces. Various white and infrared light sources are available to extend the ranges of materials.


Chromatic Confocal Sensors

CHRocodile 2 DPS

CHRocodile C

CHRocodile 2 S / 2 SE


Interferometric sensors

CHRocodile 2 IT DW

CHRocodile 2 IT

CHRocodile 2 IT H 400

CHRocodile 2 IT HTW


Line and multipoint sensors

CHRocodile CLS

CHRocodile MPS 2L

CHRocodile MPS 96


Vision System

CHRomatic Vision Camera


Area Scan Sensor

Flying Spot Scanner


Optical Probes


CHRocodile Sensor Systems


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