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OptiCentric® with LensAlign 2D Air – More than hot air

The alignment of cemented lens elements to the diameter by means of air pulses has proven itself to be an economical and versatile solution in optics manufacturing. On the new lens rotation device, the process now is computer-controlled and independent of the operator’s experience. Thus, our alignment module LensAlign 2D Air creates reproducible results with highest precision.

LensAlign 2D Standard – Cementing of doublets to the optical axis

Trioptics LensAlign 2D Standard
If lenses are to be cemented with the optical axis as reference, OptiCentric® with the alignment module LensAlign 2D Standard is an efficient solution. Both the measuring and alignment processes are fully automated and therefore operator-independent. The unit is easily adaptable to different sample geometries and in just one step an alignment accuracy of better than 2 µm is achieved.

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