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Alignment Turning Station increases the precision to a maximum

The ATS alignment turning station combines the proven OptiCentric® centration measurement system with an ultra-precise turning machine. Thus, during alignment turning, the mount edge and the flange surfaces of mounted spherical, aspherical and cylindrical lenses are produced so that the axis of symmetry of the mount coincides with the optical axis of the lens.

Sill Optics successfully implemented the TRIOPTICS Alignment Turning Station into their production process. Martin Kolb, Project Manager Laser Optics, explains the benefit:

“When attempting to accurately align the mechanical and optical axes, conventional methods can result in deviations of a few angular minutes. These tilt errors would cause unacceptable inaccuracies in our high-precision multiple lens systems. Thanks to TRIOPTICS’ ATS, we can reduce the tolerances of residual tilt errors to a few arc seconds. Adjustment turning increases the precision of our lenses to a maximum. We therefore use the ATS regularly for our high-precision lenses.”

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